We have two large rooms which can accomadate the whole band

One room is live and the other perfect for drums, Accoustic guitars and Vocals


We use a 12 input digital recorder as well as cubase and other software.


We use both Digital and Analogue Mixers depending on what type of sound you want.


We use AKG and Rhode condessor Mics for vocals and accoustic guitars. We also have exclent Condensor drum mics as well as the stable workhorses such as sure 57's and 58's


Most of our compressors reverbs etc are now digital plugg inns. We do however still have some stand alone sound engines as well as compressors.


We have differnent sets of headphones to suit all sorts of ears. You are also welcome to bring your own. we can have 4 sets running at one time.

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