Here is a song we created for Picton motorcyclers.

Nina Centaine has had gret success having her songs published by sony music and featured on the "party of 5 sondtrack"


Steve graham has had songs featured on commercial radio & tv as well as distrubuting deals with One stop and CEP

Steve Graham
Gregg Dreise

 commercial produced by SCCRS

Nina Centaine

Here's a jingle that went to commercial radio for the camden show

Track produced for CEP publications.

Here's a track produced for Indigenous childrens entertainer Greg Driese

Here's a tune by local cooroy brothers

With his feet - Gregg Driese
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love is Harsh - Steve Graham
00:00 / 00:00
Fairytale - The Crang Bros
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camden show - SCCRS
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Picton Motorcycles - SCCRS
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On the Cross - S.Graham
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We Want More - Nina Centaine
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Relax - SCCRS
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Pete Thatcher is an amazing guitarist, this track was recorded 1st take with Mitch Franis on live drums and pete in the other room playing live..their playing is faultless!

Along the Way - Pete Thatcher
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